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22/06/2017 - Vanuatu deputy PM Natuman, Maralau trial in December
22/06/2017 - Security responsibility of Fiji Military, Colonel Kalouniwai reiterates
22/06/2017 - Solomons' Chinese community concerned about RAMSI exit
22/06/2017 - PM Sogavare calls on Solomon Islanders to take ownership of country as RAMSI leaves
22/06/2017 - Timing of calling election for Vanuatu President required under law: Chairman
22/06/2017 - Judgment on dismissal of Tongan broadcaster expected next week
22/06/2017 - Vanuatu elected a Vice-President of the 72nd UN General Assembly
22/06/2017 - “Dissolve parliament’: West Makira MP calls for fresh elections
22/06/2017 - Leaders call for peaceful polling in PNG
22/06/2017 - Poll favourites
22/06/2017 - Five parties advocate for changes to electoral rules in Fiji
22/06/2017 - Asylum seekers on Nauru accused of prostitution and growing marijuana
22/06/2017 - PNA urged to capitalise on ocean conservation focus to strengthen fishery programme
21/06/2017 - New report reveals child undernutrition cost the PNG economy up to $1.5 billion in a single year
21/06/2017 - Chinese fishing vessels fined close to NZD$1m for tuna offences near NZ waters
21/06/2017 - UK to support Fiji’s COP23 leadership
21/06/2017 - Vanuatu Presidential Election on 03 July
21/06/2017 - Thousands farewell Fr Baldwin Lonsdale
21/06/2017 - Fijian PM calls on people to prepare for elections
21/06/2017 - Worst global coral bleaching event eases, as experts await next one
21/06/2017 - PNG Governor General calls for a free fair election
21/06/2017 - Commonwealth observers pledge independent and impartial assesment of PNG election
21/06/2017 - Solomon Islands PM discusses enhanced relationship with Taiwanese foreign minister
21/06/2017 - U.S vetting of Pacific island refugees nearly done
21/06/2017 - How climate change will threaten food security of world's poorest countries
21/06/2017 - Fijian President attends state funeral in Vanuatu
20/06/2017 - Labour market challenges for Pacific nations focus of regional seminar
20/06/2017 - Organised crimes threat: Samoa PM
20/06/2017 - NZ to help Pacific combat money laundering
20/06/2017 - Fiji report on racism tabled at Humanrights Council
20/06/2017 - Palau and Vanuatu added to Paris black list
20/06/2017 - MSG Observer Mission Chair calls on PNG citizens to vote!
20/06/2017 - Fiji's Electoral Management Service fear
20/06/2017 - 'Blue Pacific' offers powerful narrative
20/06/2017 - Fijian President is newest champion for the 4FJ campaign
20/06/2017 - Citizenship changes: New migrants dragged into political fight
20/06/2017 - PACER Plus national interest analysis released as agreement tabled in NZ Parliament
20/06/2017 - National Peace Dialogue reaches consensus on sustaining peace
20/06/2017 - Solomon Islands undertakes regional consultations on dual citizenship
20/06/2017 - Fijians left in the lurch, UK armed forces freezes recruitment
20/06/2017 - Fiji to introduce programme to keep healthy population
20/06/2017 - Some Manus detainees say compensation is low
20/06/2017 - Samoa Observer files statement of defense in $700,000 lawsuit
19/06/2017 - Global coral bleaching may be ending, US agency says
19/06/2017 - Solomon Islands eyes PNG voting system
19/06/2017 - Advance preparation seen as key to overcoming effects of El Nino
19/06/2017 - Longer parliament on cards in Cook Islands
19/06/2017 - No terror link to Pakistan company to deliver software for Fijian Elections Office
19/06/2017 - Island resilience group is created
19/06/2017 - EU 'deeply regrets' US Paris climate pact withdrawal
19/06/2017 - Election campaigns in PNG to end Friday at midnight
19/06/2017 - Solomon Islands PM opens national peace dialogue, emphasises importance of peace
19/06/2017 - India contribute FJD$ 2.02 million towards Fiji's COP23 presidency
19/06/2017 - UN fully supportive of Solomon Islands efforts to address economic, political challenges
19/06/2017 - Australia immigration stats: 64,000 living illegally
19/06/2017 - Fijians to return home with British Army recruitment canned
19/06/2017 - Taiwan’s new Ambassador presents credentials to President Maamau
18/06/2017 - Polling set to go in PNG
18/06/2017 - Trump has isolated U.S in the Pacific thanks to climate policy: Cook Islands PM
18/06/2017 - U.S 'gives timeline' on refugee swap to Manus Island detainees
18/06/2017 - Vanuatu Parliament to beef up security
18/06/2017 - Let us not ignore our Ocean, EEZ’ : Fiji Fisheries Minister
18/06/2017 - PM Tuilaepa hopeful in climate change appeal
18/06/2017 - 138 West Papua refugees get PNG citizenship
18/06/2017 - Pacific Islands Forum will observe PNG elections
18/06/2017 - 10 mourning days in Vanuatu
18/06/2017 - Poll backed
18/06/2017 - Anti-independence camp wins big in French Pacific
18/06/2017 - Vanuatu President dies at age 67
18/06/2017 - Commonwealth Secretary-General mourns the death of Vanuatu’s late President
18/06/2017 - Macron party wins massive majority in French parliament
18/06/2017 - NZ PM English impressed by first Pacific Mission
18/06/2017 - Fiji Opposition MP Tikoca acquitted
18/06/2017 - Mumps outbreak in the Marshalls continues to spread
15/06/2017 - Tonga PM apologise to NZ PM for RSE workers behaviour
15/06/2017 - NZ support for energy upgrade in Tonga
15/06/2017 - Japan readies whaling law to counter activists
15/06/2017 - 15 missing, one dead in Solomon Islands
15/06/2017 - Firearms registered in Vanuatu less than 6,000
15/06/2017 - New Malietoa found
15/06/2017 - PNG to review visa ruling
15/06/2017 - Working together for climate and gender justice in the Pacific
15/06/2017 - Minister: Fiji's ageing population growing
15/06/2017 - Members of EU Parliament snub Pacific leader, but strengthen climate measures
15/06/2017 - NZ PM English knows a lot about sheep but not Niuean culture
15/06/2017 - Manus detainees in limbo despite compensation win
15/06/2017 - 800 plus observers soon to be deployed throughout PNG
15/06/2017 - Tongan seasonal workers plied underage girls in NZ with drugs, booze before sex
15/06/2017 - Suva City council begin removing abestos
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