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No zika virus recorded in Vanuatu
By Online Editor
6:45 pm GMT+12, 07/02/2016, Vanuatu
Zika is a disease caused by zika virus that is spread to people primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito. The most common symptoms of zika are fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis (red eyes). The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting for several days to a week…
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Multi government ministry approach to clearing potential Zika Virus carrying mosquito breeding sites
Various government ministries and NGOs in Samoa are combining their resources to clear mosquit
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Samoa chief opposition whip crosses floor
The chief whip for the opposition Tautua Samoa party has crossed the floor to the ruling Human
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Fiji's acting Police Commissioner’s term to end this week
Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho’s three month term as Fiji's acting Police Commiss
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Fisheries group chief: US fishing treaty a ‘distraction’
As Pacific fisheries officials gather in Nadi, Fiji from today for a three-day series of meeti
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Three Kiribati MPS nominated for Presidency
Kiribati Parliament session Friday kicked-off with the swearing-in of all newly elected Member
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Zika virus: Delay pregnancy, Cook Islands Health ministry suggests
The Cook Islands Ministry of Health is suggesting women in their reproductive age should consi
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Tongan teenage bride links to ISIS terrorists in Australia revealed
Tongan teenage bride links to ISIS terrorists in Australia revealed SYDNEY, 0
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04/02/2016 - Kiribati Parliament elects news Speaker and candidates for the Presidential election next mont
04/02/2016 - Vanuatu MPs held on island to control movement
04/02/2016 - Mob kills family over ‘sorcery’ in PNG
04/02/2016 - Kiribati MPs select former president as new speaker
04/02/2016 - PNG's Poll reform rejected: Gamato
04/02/2016 - Legal row
04/02/2016 - Refugee advocates 'peddling lies': Nauru
04/02/2016 - Nationwide Registration for all West Papuans in PNG
04/02/2016 - National Federation Party suspended from Fiji Parliament
04/02/2016 - 25 suspected cases of zika recorded in American Samoa
04/02/2016 - American Samoa Citizenship Case Arrives at Supreme Court
04/02/2016 - Tokelau takes delivery of its new boat
04/02/2016 - Bougainville ready to take action over Moresby non payment
04/02/2016 - NCDs top four causes of deaths in Fiji
03/02/2016 - Tonga declares Zika epidemic
03/02/2016 - New Kiribati parliament due to sit Friday
03/02/2016 - Former Vanuatu Lands Minister 'available' for PM position after 36 MPs sign coalition agreement
03/02/2016 - UN urges Australia not to send asylum-seekers to Nauru
03/02/2016 - Union of Moderates Party commitment to Vanuatu bloc unclear
03/02/2016 - Fate of MPs
03/02/2016 - Paris talks to chart end of Noumea Accord
03/02/2016 - Marshall Islands President sets out challenges
03/02/2016 - Fiji Elections office to recycle ballot papers
03/02/2016 - More than 259 suspected cases of zika virus in Tonga
03/02/2016 - Two-thirds of Vanuatu MPs agree to try and form govt
03/02/2016 - K8 million to boost fight against TB in PNG
03/02/2016 - State of emergency declared Marshall Islands due to severe drought
03/02/2016 - Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa new Tongan acting Minister of Tourism
02/02/2016 - High Court throws out challenge to Australia's immigration detention on Nauru, Families facing deportation
02/02/2016 - More than 300 face election charges in Samoa
02/02/2016 - Zika risk high for Fiji
02/02/2016 - No decision on new Tongan Minister for Tourism
02/02/2016 - $6m proof
02/02/2016 - Planned signing for coalition government in Vanuatu fails but negotiation continues
02/02/2016 - Zika virus: UN agencies step up response measures following declaration of public health emergency
02/02/2016 - PNG able to detect Zika virus
02/02/2016 - Query on PM O'Neill’s arrest set for trial in March
02/02/2016 - Australian High Court to rule on Nauru detention
01/02/2016 - De Brum, Nuclear Zero lawyers nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
01/02/2016 - PNG court frees OPM rebels
01/02/2016 - Boarding schools in Tonga delay start for fear of Zika virus
01/02/2016 - World Health Organization Declares Spread of Zika Virus a Global Health Emergency
01/02/2016 - Rise in dengue cases in Fiji
01/02/2016 - Norfolk protest group censored by Canberra
01/02/2016 - Tuna export boost in Solomon Islands
01/02/2016 - Vanuatu MPs to announce coalition formation
01/02/2016 - National Federation Party to engage auditor certified by Fiji Institute of Accountants
01/02/2016 - Australia, Pacific island countries on alert for Zika virus
01/02/2016 - Tonga starts 2016 with a small parliament
01/02/2016 - Australia injects AUD$2.7million to improve health outcomes in Solomon Islands
01/02/2016 - Owner of sunken MV Rabaul to stand trial in April
31/01/2016 - Samoa’s 15th Parliament is dissolved as country prepares for general elections
31/01/2016 - New Vanuatu parliament congested with parties
31/01/2016 - Biometric voting system confirmed for Vanuatu's 2020 election
31/01/2016 - Fiji's National Federation Party suspended for 30 days
31/01/2016 - Politics slowed Vanuatu's post-Pam recovery - Natuman
31/01/2016 - ‘Pacific Community’ name adopted
31/01/2016 - Russian weapons exported to Fiji at its official request — Russian foreign ministry
31/01/2016 - Tonga's cabinet Minister Lavulavu loses his seat for election bribery and campaign overspending
31/01/2016 - Marshall Islands sue Britain, India and Pakistan over nuclear weapons
31/01/2016 - Deal Signed, ILO inquiry into Fiji averted
31/01/2016 - Pacific Community denies it reported Samoa’s zika case
31/01/2016 - Nauru warns refugees against protests
31/01/2016 - 50 Police officers charged in PNG
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