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Chinese gifts for Pacific ‘friends’
By Online Editor
10:49 pm GMT+12, 16/10/2019, China
Meetings will be held on “issues of common interest” in trade, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, tourism and infrastructure investment. The forum comes as Scott Morrison’s $2bn Pacific infrastructure bank edges closer to signing its first funding deals with regional neighbours.Read more

Obesity rates soar due to dramatic global diet shift, says UN food agency
Eating food high in starch, sugar, fats and salt; combined with a sedentary lifestyle, is a re
Read more
Don't be alarmed by regional projections, Met Office
 The Samoa Meteorological Division says members of the public should not be alarmed about
Read more
No charges laid against Fiji PM on assault allegation: DPP
Fiji's Director of Public Prosecutions, Christopher Pryde, has decided that no charges wil
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PM Sogavare: We are on the right side of history
Solomon Islands Government’s decision to switch diplomatic ties from Taiwan to China was
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Inquiry reports will be tabled in PNG Parliament, AG Steven says
 Questions have been raised in Papua New Guinea Parliament, on the millions of kinas wort
Read more
Former PNG PM O’Neill arrest warrant stayed by court, O’Neill questions role of Police Minister
The warrant of arrest obtained by Papua New Guinea police at the Waigani District Court agains
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Vanuatu could take polluters to world court - climate expert
 Vanuatu is looking to the International Court of Justice in its quest to hold polluters
Read more
Cook Islands MPA leader fired after supporting seabed mining freeze
For somebody who’d just been fired from a prestigious government post, Jacqueline Evans
Read more
PNG to maintain foreign policy
Papua New Guinea will maintain the its initial foreign policy put in place by the nation&rsquo
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Regional Police 'support mission' prepares for Bougainville referendum
A regional police contingent is gearing up for an operation in Bougainville during its upcomin
Read more
Fiji and EU committed to strengthen cooperation
The cooperation between Fiji and the European Union is envisaged to strengthen in socioeconomi
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Read more
New Pacific bank has no customers after a year in business
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s $2 billion (US$1.3 billion) Pacific infrastru
Read more
Marshall Islands Human Rights Council candidate 2020 - 2022
The election of the 47-member UN Human Rights Council (HRC) will take place on 17 October.
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Solomon Islands stand by to assist with referendum
 The Solomon Islands Government stands ready to assist in delivering a successful referen
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Court orders Vanuatu Daily Post not to publish articles against a cabinet minister
Vanuatu’s leading newspaper, the Daily Post has been slapped with a restraining order no
Read more
Ministry of Health declares measles epidemic in Samoa
 Samoa’s Ministry of Health (MOH) has declared the country is now facing a measles
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Vaccine expert urges Samoa to act on measles threat
 With at least 15 cases of people “highly suspected” to have measles, vaccine
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Poor diets damaging children’s health in the Pacific, warns UNICEF
 An alarmingly high number of children are suffering the consequences of poor diets and a
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Three on shortlist for PNG Police Commissioner
Three names have been endorsed by the Parliamentary Permanent Appointment Committee for the Pa
Read more
Solomon Islands PM confident after China visit
Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare arrived to a huge show of support from the De
Read more
PNG Police to act on former PM O’Neill arrest, Bodyguards told to stand down
Former Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is facing arrest on allegations of
Read more
Former PM O'Neill response to warrant of arrest
Former Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says he was not informed or present
Read more
Solomon Islands PM Sogavare: No more Constituency Development Funding to MPs
The Chinese Government will continue with the Constituency Development Funding (CDF) support b
Read more
FBI helping to investigate U.S lawyer's death in Yap
The Federated States of Micronesia's national government confirmed Tuesday that Rachelle B
Read more
France commends Fiji’s leadership on climate fight
 Fiji has been commended for its work in the global arena on the effects of climate chang
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Fiji appointed as chair of the UN Working Group on Trafficking in Persons
Fiji’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Ambassador Nazhat Shame
Read more
Disaster is everybody's business- Fiji's NDMO Minister
Disaster is everybody’s business and the general public is again being urged to learn an
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14/10/2019 - Victory
14/10/2019 - Tonga urged to abolish death penalty
14/10/2019 - Nauru President vows to deliver on “unfulfilled promises”
14/10/2019 - PNG PM: No indication to step up operations on border of West Papua
14/10/2019 - PNG official linked to APEC summit rorts
14/10/2019 - Acting AG shot dead in Yap state
14/10/2019 - Aru contracted to coordinate PIF 2020 in Vanuatu
14/10/2019 - PNG welcome West Papua refugees
14/10/2019 - PNG PM Marape and Solomon Islands PM Sogavare meet to discuss issues of mutual interest
14/10/2019 - Coalition exposed on climate change, Australian minister admits
14/10/2019 - No constitutional right to postal ballots: Marshall Islands Government welcomes court decision
14/10/2019 - Acting PM replies to CSO petition calling for resignation on Solomon Islands PM
14/10/2019 - Victory
13/10/2019 - PNG Corruption Bill to be presented in Parliament
13/10/2019 - Harsher penalties for untruthful Samoan election candidates recommended
13/10/2019 - New Progressive Party claims support of Cook Islands MPs
13/10/2019 - Former Solomon Islands deputy PM speaks out on sacking
13/10/2019 - Dr Transform Aqorau tipped to be next Solomon Islands Ambassador to the UN
13/10/2019 - FSM president meets with US Defence chief
13/10/2019 - Former Solomon Islands MP Charles Dausabea dies at 59
13/10/2019 - Fiji seeking Pacific regiment in Australian army
13/10/2019 - Australian PM, Morrison: Fiji is a sovereign nation and should make own decisions
13/10/2019 - Marshall Islands Supreme Court rules voting law unconstitutional
13/10/2019 - Reducing disaster risk, a good investment, and ‘the right thing to do’, says Guterres
13/10/2019 - Government taking action against a number of CSOs for failing to register as an organisation
13/10/2019 - New Caledonian representative says 2018 referendum positive
13/10/2019 - Closed hearing sought for alleged plotters to assassinate Samoa PM
13/10/2019 - Opposition MP Tikoduadua's file sent to ODPP for legal advice
12/10/2019 - Victory
10/10/2019 - Dates mooted for next New Caledonia referendum
10/10/2019 - Parkop calls for UN petition on West Papua peace
10/10/2019 - Nine to12 tropical cyclones expected between November this year and April 2020
10/10/2019 - Marshall Islands declares national climate crisis
10/10/2019 - Kiribati ferry disaster report does little to ease relatives' anger
10/10/2019 - Aust PM Morrison buckles up for bumps on Fiji trip
10/10/2019 - EU removes Marshall Islands from tax haven black list, American Samoa, Fiji, Samoa,Vanuatu and Guam remain blacklisted
10/10/2019 - Bougainvilleans question Australia involvement for the upcoming referendum
10/10/2019 - Fiji marks 49th independence anniversary
10/10/2019 - PM Marape is new Pangu leader
10/10/2019 - Professor Aiono is the new National University of Samoa Vice Chancellor
10/10/2019 - Victory
10/10/2019 - Morrison jetting in: Prime Minister to create history for Fiji clash
09/10/2019 - Chinese president meets Solomon Islands PM, pledging closer cooperation
09/10/2019 - Arizona official arrested in alleged 'Baby Mill' adoption fraud scheme from Marshall Islands
09/10/2019 - Cabinet change on card
09/10/2019 - Donald Trump blasts UN for its $230 million budget deficit
09/10/2019 - Victory
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