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Fiji election safe and secure: Supervisor of Election
By Online Editor
01:30 am GMT+12, 16/09/2014, Fiji
“After commitment from government, the Election Office has put in a huge amount of time and effort to bring preparation in order for the polling tomorrow. Its is a massive exercise and yes it will have its own share of problems, however this does not mean that a voter will not get to vote.Read more

Namosimalua is Fiji's new Secretary General to Parliament
The Fijian Government Tuesday has appointed Viniana Namosimalua as the new Secretary General t
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Vanuatu police chief suspended
Vanuatu's police commissioner, Arthur Caulton, has confirmed his suspension from the role
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Vanuatu electoral college summoned to find new president
58 members of Vanuatu's Electoral College will arrive in Port Vila to elect a new presiden
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Fiji bids for UNDOF Commander's post
The Fijian Government is putting in its bid for the next United Nations Disengagement Observer
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Tuihani new French assembly president
French Polynesia's territorial assembly has elected Marcel Tuihani as new assembly preside
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Snake capable of wiping out bird populations found on Pacific Island
A snake that can wipe out bird populations and short out electrical grids by climbing power po
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Japan's whaling intentions under fire
Japan's intention to resume whale hunts in the Antarctic - despite a ruling by the top U.N
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Pre-poll turnout more than 49,000: Fiji's Supervisor of Election
More than 49,500 Fijians cast their votes during pre-polling which started on September 3 and
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Voting should be a priority for workers: Fiji AG
 Fijian Minister responsible for Elections Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has urged all employers ar
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450 journalists for Fiji election, Social media included in Fiji blackout
 A total of 450 journalists have registered with the Media Industry Development Authority
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Tahiti to elect assembly president
French Polynesia's territorial assembly is today due to elect a successor to Edouard Fritc
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PNG minister seeks to hasten resettlement from Manus Island
Papua New Guinea’s foreign minister is trying to unblock his cabinet’s deliberatio
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Report: Qatar paid $20 million ransom for Fijians' release
Al-Nusra front reported to be in control of 80 percent of Syrian border with Israel. &
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Zero tolerance on Electoral decree breaches
The Fiji Police Force has implemented a zero tolerance approach on Electoral decree breaches.
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Vanuatu PM praised for anti-corruption stance
Transparency International Vanuatu says it is getting a lot of support in its fight against co
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Multinational Observer Group clarifies role
The Multinational Observer Group members have attended a range of electoral events and met wit
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284 Police officers on standby, 389 deployed for Fiji election
The Fiji Police Force has deployed 389 police officers around the country with two assistant c
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Solomon Islands aims for November election
The Solomon Islands electoral commission plans to hold the general election in November.
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Tuesday declared thanksgiving day for the release of Fijian soldiers
A National Day of Thanksgiving has been declared for Tuesday, September 16, for the nation to
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El Nino may bring drought to Tonga
Cool nights and low rainfall for August indicates that Tonga may be affected by a climatic con
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Ocean algae can evolve fast to tackle climate change, study finds
 Tiny marine algae can evolve fast enough to cope with climate change in a sign that some
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Queensland woman reclaims Vanuatu citizenship on behalf of 'blackbirded' great-grandparents
A Queensland woman has become one of the first Australians to claim dual Vanuatu citizenship o
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Namah takes on PNG law on asylum
Papua New Guinea Opposition Leader and Vanimo-Green MP Belden Namah’s legal challenge on
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Ballot rush
The Fijian Elections Office has sounded a reminder to people to send their postal ballot paper
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Tonga's north running out of water
Tonga's northern islands may have to start using seawater desalination plants by the middl
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Rocket debris found on Marshalls’ atoll
The fuselage of what is thought to be a booster rocket from a recent NASA launch washed up on
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Nauru's new chief justice trials for riot accused likely to continue into next year
Nauru's new chief justice says criminal trials against about 50 asylum seekers allegedly i
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Japanese whaling: Japan to unveil redesigned Southern Ocean program following International Court of Justice ruling
Japan is expected to unveil details of its new plan to hunt whales in the Southern Ocean when
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Australia to oppose renewed Japanese whaling
 The Australian federal government says it sees no legal way for Japan again to kill whal
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PNG Prime Minister’s message of hope
Papua New Guinea Prime inister Peter O’Neill has painted a bright future for Papua New G
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U.S. Fighter Jets Collide Over Pacific, 1 Pilot missing
A pilot is missing after two U.S. fighter jets collided and crashed into the west Pacific Ocea
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12/09/2014 - No evidence of 'electoral fraud, misconduct so far' in Fiji: Multinational Observer Group
12/09/2014 - NZ, U.S, France welcome safe release of soldiers
12/09/2014 - Australia welcomes release of Fijian peacekeepers
11/09/2014 - Fiji Military Commander stands by his men
11/09/2014 - UN: 45 Fijian Peacekeepers Freed in Syria
11/09/2014 - UN Chief welcome release of detained Fijian peacekeepers in Golan
11/09/2014 - Fiji Prime Minister Bainimarama welcomes release of Fijian soldiers, labelled them “heroes"
11/09/2014 - Islanders vote
11/09/2014 - West Papua's Ondawame buried in Port Vila
10/09/2014 - Restrictions on Fijian election coverage
10/09/2014 - Marshall Islander selected as opening speaker for UN Climate Summit
10/09/2014 - Tahiti's Flosse faces Senate removal process
10/09/2014 - American Samoa receives major disaster declaration
10/09/2014 - Suspected unexploded ordnance found near grounded vessel in CNMI
10/09/2014 - Fijian soldiers 'all well and safe'
10/09/2014 - Fiji army stops verbal briefing to the media
10/09/2014 - U.S. Observers join Multinational Observer Group
10/09/2014 - Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says PNG refugee resettlement program faces 'difficult and frustrating problems'
10/09/2014 - Glassie fends off Cook Islands election petition
10/09/2014 - Some ballot papers kept with police
10/09/2014 - No repeat of 2000 burning, Suva businesses assured: Fijian PM Bainimarama
10/09/2014 - MIDA warns politicians and media to show restraint
10/09/2014 - Three people charged over alleged breach of the Electoral Decree
10/09/2014 - Seven parties throw hat in ring for Solomon elections
10/09/2014 - Nauru detention centres running out of water, emails reveal
09/09/2014 - Fritch nominated for Tahiti presidency
09/09/2014 - Negotiation for soldiers safe release 'ongoing'
09/09/2014 - FSM, Marshall Islands and Palau sign historic Micronesia Trade and Economic Treaty
09/09/2014 - New Zealand to undergo peer review by Forum Island Countries and development partners
09/09/2014 - Central Division records high voter turnout at pre-poll
09/09/2014 - Solomon Islands Parliament dissolved
09/09/2014 - Fijian Election Office cautions on campaign blackout period
09/09/2014 - Solomon Islands deputy PM disappointed over Australian Immigration officials
09/09/2014 - NZ govt to assist Pacific Islands with natural disasters
09/09/2014 - Samoa Journalist Association President mourned
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