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Samoa PM says surveillance 'waste of time' in Pacific
By Online Editor
9:08 pm GMT+12, 04/03/2015, Samoa
“There is not an equal battle between the little countries and the big countries because the big countries know what the little countries are saying. They know what their public servants are talking about they know what their advisers are saying they know what the Prime Minister says on the phone…
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Solomon Islands Government reveals position on West Papua
Solomon Islands deputy Prime Minister, Douglas Ete says strengthening relations with Indonesia
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Peace Agreement will be met: Bougainville President Momis
The conditions of the Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA) can and will be met by Bougainville w
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PIDF lauds Portugal efforts in ocean conservation
Pacific Islands Development Forum interim Secretary-General Amena Yauvoli says the organisatio
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Palau President to address Ocean Forum in U.S
 Palau President Tommy Remengesau has arrived in New York to attend the United Nations&rs
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Top-secret documents reveal Australia targeting Indonesia, South Pacific mobile phone networks
Australian spies are targeting Indonesia's largest mobile phone network as well as the tel
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Leak spying claims spark diplomatic fallout
New Zealand spying on the South Pacific and Tonga is “a breach of trust”, Tongan P
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NZ Pacific spying imperils French links - analyst
 A security analyst says New Zealand could run into diplomatic problems with France becau
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Tonga too busy to decide on Fiji Forum push
 Tonga's prime minister says his government does not yet have a view on Fiji's pu
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Fiji, Victoria Parliament sign agreement
The Fijian and Victorian Parliaments have signed an agreement which should see more interactio
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Reconciliations spreading through B’ville
 After a long bloody war, reconciliation is a way for Bougainville to have peace among th
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Human rights training recommended for Fiji disciplined forces
Enhanced training programmes should be developed in collaboration with key human rights bodies
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Leaked documents show NZ spies on its Pacific friends and sends the data to the US
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key won't comment on Edward Snowden documents showing New
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More than 100 refugees arrested after protests on Nauru, advocates say
 Nauru police have arrested more than 100 refugees in connection to recent protests on th
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Commander Willie Galia is PNG Navy chief
 Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) naval base HMPNGS Basilisk in Port Moresby has a
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New Caledonia best off with France - Sarkozy
A former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, says it should be in the interest of New Caledonia
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Fiji opposition condemns PMs UN speech
The Fijian opposition says Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama's speech to the United Nation
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McCully pushed to raise abuses with Indonesia on West Papua
 New Zealand's Foreign Minister Murray McCully has been criticised for not raising co
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Bougainville approves K2 million for polls security
A budget of K2 million (US$756,998) has been approved by the Autonomous Bougainville Governmen
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Fiji to establish diplomatic mission in Bangkok
Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has advised Thailand’s deputy Prime Minister an
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Cook Islands, New Caledonia share marine park ideas
New Caledonia and the Cook Islands are in the same boat when it comes to marine conservation a
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Fiji Parliament delegation meets Australian Governor General
The Fijian Parliament delegation has met with the Governor-General of Australia, General Sir P
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Candidates list confirmed for Tuvalu general election
Nomination of candidates contesting Tuvalu’s national elections on 19 March, closed last
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Tonga PM approves appointment of new Chief Secretary
 Dr Palenitina Langa'oi has been appointed Tonga’s new Chief Secretary and Secr
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Women can apply to work on purse seine fishing vessels: Tuvalu Director of Fisheries
Observer positions on purse seine vessels is not restricted to males. Since the programme star
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United call to ratify UNCAT
Fiji Women's Rights Movement (FWRM) and the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre (FWCC) wants th
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Court eases sentences in Wallis tax fraud case
The Court of Appeal in New Caledonia has eased the sentences of two men convicted of massive t
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Tahiti due for fresh French Senate election in May
The French High Commission in French Polynesia has confirmed that a fresh election of the terr
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Faceless Aussies provoking Nauru refugees
 Nauru's president has accused “faceless” Australian refugee advocates of
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Iran envoy meets PIDF Interim Secretary General
The Interim Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Development Forum Amena Yauvoli has met A
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PNG media watchdog queries 'gagging' order over West Papua issue, Solomons reporters also silenced
Papua New Guinea's media watchdog has demanded an explanation for why local journalists we
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Businessman denies abuse of Fijian women
A Papua New Guinean businessman caught in the middle of the Fijian women controversy has denie
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02/03/2015 - Hundreds of Nauru refugees protest against 'slave-like living conditions'
02/03/2015 - Governor praises PM for West Papua stand
02/03/2015 - New Caledonia rolls to be vetted
02/03/2015 - Fiji delegation to voice women issues
02/03/2015 - PNG Police to probe case of two Fiji girls
02/03/2015 - Australian pleads not guilty in heroin case
02/03/2015 - UN convention does not readily apply to Itaukei: Fiji PM
02/03/2015 - Fijian foreign minister hold talks with China's special envoy
02/03/2015 - Marshall Islands marks 61st year since Bravo
02/03/2015 - PNG, Marshall Islands to test new electronic catch documentation system
02/03/2015 - Fijian PM calls for UN Human rights action on Climate Change and refugees
02/03/2015 - Yauvoli is PIDF interim Secretary General
02/03/2015 - China boosting aid to South Pacific
02/03/2015 - Pacific nations lead the way in gun control, arms expert Philip Alpers says
02/03/2015 - Former Samoan MP fined $20,000 for uttering a forged document
02/03/2015 - Chinese fugitive nabbed at Nadi International Airport
01/03/2015 - Indonesia, Solomon Islands to increase links
01/03/2015 - Fiji/PNG to implement priorities
01/03/2015 - US aircraft supplier sues Air Kiribati
01/03/2015 - Right time to make tough decisions: PM Sogavare
01/03/2015 - PNG's NCD governor Parkop backs call to decriminalise sex trade
01/03/2015 - Cook Islands Marae Moana gathers momentum
01/03/2015 - One Cook Islands put up own Vaipae candidate
01/03/2015 - Ratify, but maintain necessary force: Fiji Commissioner of Correction
01/03/2015 - MCPNG revived, new executives appointed
01/03/2015 - PNG PM raises Papua issue with Indonesia foreign minister
01/03/2015 - Fiji – Indonesia talks no mention about West Papua
01/03/2015 - Fiji government kicks off search for a new flag
01/03/2015 - Papua New Guinea's defence chief arrives in NZ
01/03/2015 - Cook Islands PM talk anniversary with McCully
26/02/2015 - PNG Police Commissioner has case to answer: Judge
26/02/2015 - Fijian Parliament delegation visit Australia to strengthen bilateral relations
26/02/2015 - Cook Islands PM's presentation on NZ Super positive
26/02/2015 - Landmark ruling confirms naturalized Marshall Islands citizens can stand for parliament
26/02/2015 - Foreign minister to visit Pacific countries to strengthen Indonesia-Pacific relations
26/02/2015 - Pato welcomes Indonesia Foreign Minister visit
26/02/2015 - Fiji-PNG talk bilateral issues
26/02/2015 - Taiwan vessel held in port by Marshall Islands court
26/02/2015 - Fiji Military looks for donors for armoured vehicles
26/02/2015 - Nauru detention centre on high alert for refugee protest
26/02/2015 - Tonga’s TP$233.3 million debt to China won’t go away, says Prime Minister
26/02/2015 - Pacific no longer anybody's 'back yard'
26/02/2015 - Shipping, climate change on Tokelau agenda
26/02/2015 - Food security threats in the islands
26/02/2015 - Manus trial over Iranian death starts Monday
25/02/2015 - PM Abbott, PM Key to meet in Auckland
25/02/2015 - Solomon Islands advertises position of Attorney General
25/02/2015 - China's failure to provide loan details in Pacific highlighted
25/02/2015 - Citizenship bill poses no threat to Samoa: PM Tuilaepa
25/02/2015 - Fiji Human Rights Commission reminds government on ratification obligations
25/02/2015 - PNG tops porn searches on Google, experts divided over link between pornography and violence
25/02/2015 - Call for urgent New Caledonia meeting
25/02/2015 - PNG-Fiji meeting to normalise relations
25/02/2015 - China's aid conforms with Pacific island countries' conditions: expert
25/02/2015 - PNGDF to buy four aircraft at K60m
25/02/2015 - Poverty, gender equality, NCDs remain a challenge
25/02/2015 - Chuuk postpones plebiscite on political status
25/02/2015 - PNG’s fertility rate very high, says NGO
25/02/2015 - Search for missing Fijian girl in PNG
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