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Tonga PM Tu‘i‘onetoa ‘recommends’ three TBC journalists be suspended pending investigation
By Online Editor
9:33 pm GMT+12, 17/11/2019, Tonga

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Hopes pinned on Constitution to sway Cook Islands Parliamentary select committee decision on same sex ban
There is an increasing weight of expert opinion warning that reinstating a criminal ban on sam
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Fiji PM tells Opposition to move on from the past, Opposition leader called on PM to resign
 Fiji's Prime Minister Bainimarama has told the Opposition to move on from attempts t
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Marshall Islands election may be focus for U.S-China competition
 The Marshall Islands vote in a general election on Monday that could fan the flames of U
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Agreement will see postal voting returned after Monday’s election in Marshall Islands
At 7pm Monday, after the Marshall Islands national election concludes, a system for postal abs
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Fiji PM urges families to get their children vaccinated
Fiji's Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is urging all Fijian families to ensure their chi
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President Heine urges Marshallese to stay the course and re-elect government
The President of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Hilda Heine says the nation has su
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Samoa Government issues state of emergency orders due to measles outbreak
 The Samoan Government has issued the orders for the measles state of emergency declarati
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Heine Government determined to continue the fight for nuclear justice
The Marshall Islands Government has been fighting hard to bring justice to the Marshallese and
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Bougainville reminded to vote for their choice
The Pope’s representative in PNG and Solomon Islands Apoostolic Nuncio Archbishop Kurian
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Escaping Korea's Pacific Cult
A man sits on a chair, surrounded by a group of men. One by one, they take turns to hit him.
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Cyclone early warning system for Pacific goes live
The Pacific's first cyclone early warning system will go live in Fiji this week. &
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14/11/2019 - Victory
14/11/2019 - New Zealand sending measles vaccines, nurses to Samoa
14/11/2019 - American Samoa ramps up immunisation efforts amid measles fears
14/11/2019 - As child measles deaths mount in Samoa, anti-vax movement being blamed for outbreak
14/11/2019 - Schoolchildren vaccinations in Samoa to become compulsory
14/11/2019 - Marshalls' president yet to decide on pursuing second term
14/11/2019 - Australian Foreign Affairs commits $500 million to Pacific climate plan
14/11/2019 - Bougainville Referendum Commission offers SMS roll check
14/11/2019 - Victory
13/11/2019 - Kiribati Opposition's hopes of no confidence vote quashed
13/11/2019 - PNG Bougainville prepares for historic vote on nationhood
13/11/2019 - American Samoa declares health emergency over measles
13/11/2019 - Grieving Samoan mum loses two children to suspected measles, third child is ill
13/11/2019 - New security college to focus on Pacific
13/11/2019 - Kiribati budget defeated in Parliament
13/11/2019 - Commonwealth enters new partnership to enhance climate action in small states
13/11/2019 - Samoa children's outpatient clinic to be closed due to measles
13/11/2019 - Scrutineers, observers vital for Bougainville referendum: Claudio
13/11/2019 - Tonga to re-vaccinate thousands for measles
13/11/2019 - Marshall Islands working tirelessly to control the dengue fever outbreak
13/11/2019 - Pacific journalists under growing pressure - watchdog
13/11/2019 - Fiji Supervisor of Elections takes up new appointment after MOU signing with MSG
13/11/2019 - Victory
12/11/2019 - Motion of No-Confidence on 18 November against PM Sogavare invalid says Clerk to Parliament
12/11/2019 - Tuvalu reaffirms relations to visiting deputy minister
12/11/2019 - Climate change: do more now or risk catastrophe, warns energy agency
12/11/2019 - Australia facing most significant global changes since WWII, DFAT warns ministers
12/11/2019 - Cook Islands PM: Same-sex ban must comply with constitution
12/11/2019 - 'Hoping we can hold': Small Pacific states brace for measles spread
12/11/2019 - Vanuatu Speaker suspends Public Accounts Committee meeting
12/11/2019 - Fiji Police could soon be armed with taser guns
12/11/2019 - Tonga receives $500,000 climate readiness grant from Green Climate Fund with Commonwealth support
12/11/2019 - Bougainville Referendum Commission will deliver accurate count with one announcement of results
12/11/2019 - Bougainville Referendum: Applications for postal voting open
12/11/2019 - Fiji Health inspectors now based at the ports of entry: Dr Sahukhan
12/11/2019 - PNG Police Minister Kramer accused of forging, falsifying defective warrant
12/11/2019 - More needs to be done to improve election processes: MSG DG
12/11/2019 - Australia wildfires: communities must stay vigilant, urges UN weather agency
12/11/2019 - Victory
11/11/2019 - Final Bougainville referendum awareness underway
11/11/2019 - Big PNG Cabinet shakeup, Opposition leader Namah says Cabinet reshuffling alarming
11/11/2019 - Cook Islands ‘not prepared’ for a pandemic
11/11/2019 - VT390 million gratuity payments for Vanuatu MPs
11/11/2019 - Kiribati High Court clears way for attempt at no confidence vote
11/11/2019 - Unprecedented national election looms in Marshall Islands
11/11/2019 - Victory
10/11/2019 - Cook Islands Prime Minister in Australia this week, at the invitation of PM Scott Morrison
10/11/2019 - Over 206,000 to vote in Bougainville referendum
10/11/2019 - PM, Ministers have no power over Work Permit Appeals Committee: Napuat
10/11/2019 - Nauru 19 pair seek asylum in Australia ahead of retrial that lawyers say is rigged
10/11/2019 - Vanuatu's Daily Post director to appeal work permit rejection
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