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Tuvaluans 'fear for their future, every day', PM tells COP23
By Online Editor
8:48 pm GMT+12, 16/11/2017, Germany

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Pacific Region Urges Ambitious Action from the COP23
Voices of the Pacific region addressed the High Level Segment of the United Nations Framework
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French Polynesia's Fritch charged with abuse of public funds
 French Polynesia's president Edouard Fritch is to be tried in the criminal court in
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14 ministers in new Solomon Islands Government sworn in
Solomon Islands Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela has named his cabinet Ministers after he was s
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As climate disasters surge, world puzzles over who will pay
After a year when powerful hurricanes, floods, droughts and fires have racked up hundreds of b
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Initiative to develop Pacific finance and insurance products launched with €1 million support from Luxembourg
The Fijian Government has officially launched an important new initiative to develop finance a
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Australian minister warns New Zealand against refugee deal with PNG
Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has opened the door to a potential refugee resett
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Vanuatu’s graduation from LDC can be costly
Vanuatu’s graduation from LDC (Least Developed Countries) by December 2020 will make it
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Tongan election seals Pohiva dominance
All nine cabinet ministers of Tonga's caretaker Government were re-elected in Tonga's
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Kiribati vows to fight and adapt to climate change
The Kiribati President Taneti Maamau says his country plans to fight and adapt to climate chan
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Marshall Islands president says shipping registry supports climate action
The world’s second largest shipping registry backs its flag state’s calls for ambi
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Climate engineering is risky, but should be explored, experts say at UN conference
Climate engineering, or climate intervention, is risky but needs to be explored as a supplemen
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Aust allies push for faster end to coal
Some of Australia's closest allies are pushing for an end to coal power, in an increase of
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Trump pullout from Paris climate pact means even hotter world: study
If all countries - including the United States - honour carbon-cutting pledges under the 196-n
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15/11/2017 - Former Governor of California and Hollywood actor, Arnold Schwazenegger @COP23
15/11/2017 - Green Climate Fund simplifies application process for small projects
15/11/2017 - Palau to raise Adani coal mine with Australia
15/11/2017 - Britain, Canada ally to boost support for global coal phase-out
15/11/2017 - More than 47,000 living with HIV in PNG, official says
15/11/2017 - Bainimarama calls on world leaders to ensure a successful outcome of UN climate talks
15/11/2017 - Fijian student calls for united climate action
15/11/2017 - Tongans head to the polls this morning
15/11/2017 - Fiji prepares the world for a climate refugee crisis
15/11/2017 - France, Germany urge more action on climate after Trump quits
15/11/2017 - COP23: Emmanuel Macron warns 'point of no return' for climate impacts has been crossed
15/11/2017 - UN chief urges more ambition, leadership and partnerships on climate action
15/11/2017 - Pacific Island countries could lose 50 -- 80% of fish in local waters under climate change
15/11/2017 - Palau becomes the latest member of PIDF at COP23
14/11/2017 - $125 million announced for New Global Partnership to provide financial protection against climate risks
14/11/2017 - Pacific Island students call for climate action at COP23 global conference
14/11/2017 - Kiribati President visits I-Kiribati seamen jailed in Italy
14/11/2017 - Rick Hou is new Solomon Islands PM
14/11/2017 - EU, ACP call for tangible progress on Paris Agreement implementation at UN climate talks
14/11/2017 - ‘We’re sinking and we need help,’ Bainimarama tells world leaders
14/11/2017 - Australia pledge $6 million to help Pacific Islands better monitor coastal ecosystem
14/11/2017 - Government group expects Hou as new Solomon Islands PM
14/11/2017 - Initiative to increase insurance coverage for climate-related disasters launched at UN conference
14/11/2017 - Pacific Island nations urge world leaders to act as islands expected to sink
14/11/2017 - UN climate talks set for good ending: Fiji
14/11/2017 - Island nations prepare for a looming future without land
14/11/2017 - COP23 ups pressure on climate finance
13/11/2017 - Global climate change agreement extended to Tokelau
13/11/2017 - Pacific Leaders seek the support of Pope Francis in addressing global climate change
13/11/2017 - Climate change linked with dengue fever
13/11/2017 - Observers say Tongan election build-up positive
13/11/2017 - Vanuatu PM raises climate migration and West Papua during audience with Pope Francis
13/11/2017 - Tuvalu tells COP23 of climate change attack
13/11/2017 - Alternatives put on table to break pre-2020 impasse at COP23
13/11/2017 - Hou's candidacy for Solomon Islands Prime Ministership shaky
13/11/2017 - Solomon Islands PM candidate Fugui outlines policy priorities
13/11/2017 - Palau agreement approved
13/11/2017 - Former Tonga minister says help coming for the unemployed
13/11/2017 - As wild weather brings more migration, Pacific islands look for ways to cope
13/11/2017 - Financing for low-carbon, climate-resilient future takes center stage at UN climate conference
13/11/2017 - Climate Change is a global issue says COP 23 President
13/11/2017 - The world's first floating nation designed to 'liberate humanity from politicians' will appear in the Pacific Ocean by 2020
13/11/2017 - Solomon Islands churches preach climate action
13/11/2017 - Belgium joins Solomon Islands and Marshall Islands on climate change battle
13/11/2017 - Nauru President: Abkhazia is our friend
13/11/2017 - Solomon Islands focused on anti-corruption priorities
12/11/2017 - Global climate financing too small: Vanuatu Climate Change DG
12/11/2017 - Hasta la vista to fossil fuels, focus on health, says Schwarzenegger
12/11/2017 - The journey of a warrior – Anote Tong
12/11/2017 - Child nutrition crisis in Marshall Islands sparks intervention plan
12/11/2017 - Pope Francis calls for leaders to address climate change and pollution
12/11/2017 - Vatican climate change meeting 'big deal' for Pacific
12/11/2017 - Bloomberg demands seat at UN climate negotiating table for cities and states
12/11/2017 - Pacific leaders alarmed over climate change’s negative impact on food systems and food security
12/11/2017 - Rich Countries say they won’t pay to compensate for weather-caused damage
12/11/2017 - Stalemate over inclusion of pre-2020 issues in COP23 agenda continues
12/11/2017 - COP23: New report projects US4.5 billion cost to reduce Fiji’s vulnerability to climate change
12/11/2017 - “Kiribati is not Titanic,” said Kiribati President
12/11/2017 - Two candidates to contest Solomon Islands PM post
09/11/2017 - Government candidate for PM speaks of political and fiscal stabilities as top priorities
09/11/2017 - Palau moves to ban plastic bags
09/11/2017 - 1.5 cap insufficient says Tong at COP23
09/11/2017 - Climate migration muddied by legal confusion in Pacific islands
09/11/2017 - Climate-hit nations ask: Who will pay rising costs of disasters?
09/11/2017 - "Apocalyptic" storms threaten to overwhelm small island states - leaders Report
09/11/2017 - 14 Fijians found guilty of sedition
09/11/2017 - UN committee approves resolution that supports decolonising Guam
09/11/2017 - US: Guam resolution a political attack
09/11/2017 - Pacific Islands Forum to observe in Tonga elections
09/11/2017 - Study shows Tuamotu atolls can withstands sea level rise
09/11/2017 - Papua New Guinea starts dismantling detention camp
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