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Motion of no confidence against Fijian PM Bainimarama defeated
By Online Editor
11:03 pm GMT+12, 11/02/2016, Fiji
“Just one person got more votes than all other MPs of this house. When we talk about democracy we are talking about listening to the people. The people of this country have chosen one person – more people have voted for him than all of us put together and then you have the audacity to come…
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Fijian Parliament unanimously ratify Paris Climate change agreement
The Fijian Parliament Friday unanimously ratified the Paris Climate change agreement that was
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Ro Teimumu changes tune, accepts ‘Fijian’ term
Fiji's Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa changed her tune in parliament today agreeing to
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New Vanuatu PM good choice, says think tank
Vanuatu's new prime minister is an accomplished and well respected figure in the country&#
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Vanuatu records highest temperature
Vanuatu records highest temperature       PORT VILA,
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More Russian arms
Negotiations are under way for the second consignment of arms and ammunitions to the Fijian mi
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Australia directed officials how to address Nauru rights concerns, documents show
Australia's government has directed senior officials on how to respond to questions about
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Registration of Skilled Professionals Bill 2016 Passed in Fijian Parliament
The Registration of Skilled Professionals Bill 2016 was passed in Fiji Parliament Thursday.
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Tahiti nuclear group calls on French president for compo
The French Polynesia Nuclear Workers' Association, or Mururoa e Tatou, is planning to use
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Zika virus awareness underway in Kiribati
Kiribati's Ministry of Health and Medical Services has already conducted awareness activit
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Fijian born among 12 Ministers named in Vanuatu’s new Cabinet line up
Vanuatu’s Prime Minister Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas has appointed 12 ministers in his coa
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Pacific Island Countries Offer to Compromise in Tuna Fishing Standoff
U.S. boats might soon be allowed back in to the world’s best tuna fishing waters after t
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Prime Minister Henry Puna says he won’t suspend Teariki Heather
Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna is downplaying the seriousness of the Financial Intelli
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TC Winston moves closer
A heavy rain warning remains in force for Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Kadavu and nearby smaller isl
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Fiji Opposition walks out of Parliament
Fiji's Opposition has once again walked out of Parliament.   This hap
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U.S. Pacific Air Forces chooses Tinian Island as divert airfield
The famous World War II island where a B-29 named Enola Gay and its pilot, Col. Paul Tibbets J
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Fiji to host Commonwealth Youth Secretariat
Fiji will host the Commonwealth Youth Secretariat for the Pacific Region.  
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10/02/2016 - New Vanuatu PM Charlot Salwai calls for unity
10/02/2016 - Tropical depression expected to develop into Category 1 system
10/02/2016 - High chance of cyclone forming up to mid-March, says Tonga Met
10/02/2016 - US keen in strengthening military partnership with Fiji: Cefkin
10/02/2016 - “Take El Nino condition seriously”- Remengesau
10/02/2016 - 30,000 signatures in French Polynesia anti-nuclear petition
10/02/2016 - Malekula MP Esmon Saimon elected Vanuatu's speaker of Parliament
10/02/2016 - NZ Government announces Zika aid for Pacific Islands
10/02/2016 - Zika spread a concern, Fiji lacks required laboratory for virus testing
10/02/2016 - Fiji Met Office issues heavy rain alert
10/02/2016 - Moment of truth in Vanuatu Parliament is hours away
10/02/2016 - Debate is expected on a vote of a motion of no confidence against Fijian Speaker
10/02/2016 - Cook Islands PM called to stand down deputy PM Heather
10/02/2016 - Samoan caretaker PM questions Anti-Corruption Tribunal motives
10/02/2016 - Five Pacific Islanders receives 2016 Greg Urwin Award
10/02/2016 - PISIDS meeting underway in Nuku'alofa
09/02/2016 - Below normal rainfall predicted for several Pacific nations
09/02/2016 - Fijiana eye Rio medal
09/02/2016 - Salwai tipped as frontrunner for Vanuatu PM
09/02/2016 - New hope for Hawaiki or Bluesky cable after Pacific Island leaders meet in Auckland
09/02/2016 - More refugees to call PNG home
09/02/2016 - Nine Tuvaluan medical students undergoing internship training in Kiribati
09/02/2016 - Unity Front Political Grouping maintains unyielding solidarity in Vanuatu
09/02/2016 - Samoa's opposition candidate to challenge Tuilaepa in his constituency
09/02/2016 - Conspiracy case against former Vanuatu MP adjourned
09/02/2016 - Death penalty law in the making: PNG AG
09/02/2016 - Diverting tourists away from Samoa could be motive behind misinformation on the zika virus
09/02/2016 - Zika cases continue to rise in Tonga
09/02/2016 - Finance Intelligence Unit to investigate Cook Islands deputy PM
09/02/2016 - Fiji's Acting Police Commissioner’s term extended: PM Bainimarama
09/02/2016 - PSIDS build on Paris agreement in Tonga this week
09/02/2016 - Fostering a free media: MP Niumataiwalu
09/02/2016 - Kiribati presidential candidate confident in Government's chances
08/02/2016 - PNG encourages regional approach following withdrawal of U.S from the multilateral fisheries treaty
08/02/2016 - Fiji Military to receive $19 million worth of weapons from Russia
08/02/2016 - New Zealand teen tests positive for Zika virus after Tongan holiday
08/02/2016 - NZ considering Zika help for Tonga
08/02/2016 - PNG's 2017 election date announced
08/02/2016 - Fiji Parliament endorses NFP MPs suspension
08/02/2016 - Hot weather in Fiji caused by two weather systems
08/02/2016 - New law encourages renewable energy, reduce reliance on fossil fuel in Palau
08/02/2016 - Australia supports Pacific efforts to counter Zika virus
08/02/2016 - Presidential candidate says Kiribati wants change
08/02/2016 - 14 communities faced with the impacts of climate change assisted by the Fijian government
08/02/2016 - Eight Fiji Police officers suspended
08/02/2016 - PIPSO, PIANGO become PIDF members
08/02/2016 - Vanuatu lobbying continues to intensify
08/02/2016 - President Heine's cabinet sworn in
08/02/2016 - Massive earthquake near Bougainville
07/02/2016 - Nominations for Samoa general elections open today as Opposition secures 79 candidates
07/02/2016 - Australia pledges aid to help Tonga with Zika virus
07/02/2016 - Kiribati seeks change in next presidential elections
07/02/2016 - Seasonal Worker Programme expanded to take more Pacific Islander and East Timorese workers
07/02/2016 - FFA seeks solutions to American withdrawal
07/02/2016 - No zika virus recorded in Vanuatu
07/02/2016 - Multi government ministry approach to clearing potential Zika Virus carrying mosquito breeding sites
07/02/2016 - Samoa chief opposition whip crosses floor
07/02/2016 - Fiji's acting Police Commissioner’s term to end this week
07/02/2016 - Fisheries group chief: US fishing treaty a ‘distraction’
07/02/2016 - Three Kiribati MPS nominated for Presidency
07/02/2016 - Zika virus: Delay pregnancy, Cook Islands Health ministry suggests
07/02/2016 - Tongan teenage bride links to ISIS terrorists in Australia revealed
04/02/2016 - Kiribati Parliament elects news Speaker and candidates for the Presidential election next mont
04/02/2016 - Vanuatu MPs held on island to control movement
04/02/2016 - Mob kills family over ‘sorcery’ in PNG
04/02/2016 - Kiribati MPs select former president as new speaker
04/02/2016 - PNG's Poll reform rejected: Gamato
04/02/2016 - Legal row
04/02/2016 - Refugee advocates 'peddling lies': Nauru
04/02/2016 - Nationwide Registration for all West Papuans in PNG
04/02/2016 - National Federation Party suspended from Fiji Parliament
04/02/2016 - 25 suspected cases of zika recorded in American Samoa
04/02/2016 - American Samoa Citizenship Case Arrives at Supreme Court
04/02/2016 - Tokelau takes delivery of its new boat
04/02/2016 - Bougainville ready to take action over Moresby non payment
04/02/2016 - NCDs top four causes of deaths in Fiji
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