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Kiribati rejected an investment proposal by a Russian businessman and politician
By Online Editor
9:13 pm GMT+12, 23/02/2017, Kiribati

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PNG PM O’Neill blames foreign affairs department for not paying UN
Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has blamed the Department of foreign affai
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Solomon Islands Police ready to be rearmed: RAMSI Special Coordinator
The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) is ready to be rearmed, Special Coordinator of
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Solomon Islands limited rearmament to commence shortly
The Solomon Islands Government, through Cabinet, has deliberated on and approved the limited r
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Australia's DFAT Secretary visits Solomon Islands
Secretary of Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Frances Adamson, is vi
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PM Sogavare, Ambassador Luo laud Solomon Islands -Taiwan relationship
Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiw
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Papua New Guinea loses UN vote over unpaid annual contributions
Papua New Guinea has lost its vote in the United Nations General Assembly because it failed to
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'No State meddling in Fiji TV'
Fijian Holdings Limited (FHL) chief executive officer Nouzab Fareed has denied claims of Gover
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Cook Islands Ministry of Marine Resources assesses future needs of quota system
Cook Islands Ministry of Marine Resources (MMR) is gearing up its systems to effectively manag
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New Zealand funds major boost for South Pacific albacore long-line management
Efforts to implement the Tokelau Arrangement for South Pacific albacore will be significantly
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United States could become an 'associate member' of the Commonwealth
 The Royal Commonwealth Society is making plans to open a branch in the United States, wi
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House delays Tonga’s vote of no confidence proceedings
There were further delays to the Tongan Parliament's deliberations on a motion for a vote
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Fiji Court of Appeal dismisses One Hundred Sands Limited case
The Fiji Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal filed by One Hundred Sands Limited against th
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Faleomavaega leaves behind a legacy of unsurpassed service and love to the Pacific community
Former Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin, American Samoa’s longest serving non-voting
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Australian Governor-General to attend funeral PNG Governor General State funeral
The Governor-General of Australia Sir Peter John Cosgrove is due to arrive in Port Moresby thi
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Local and traditional knowledge needs to be acknowledged in Humanitarian Work
Humanitarian aid partners must be able to demonstrate their political will and appreciation fo
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22/02/2017 - Papeete Accord on track for April signing
22/02/2017 - New Solomon Islands Police Comissioner expects highest ethics and discipline from officers
22/02/2017 - Samoa government to re-organise top police management
22/02/2017 - A Pacific legend former Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin passes away
22/02/2017 - Pihigia gets nod as Niue's man in Wellington
22/02/2017 - Tonga's no-confidence motion smooth - researcher
22/02/2017 - Samoa Head of State addresses disability forum
22/02/2017 - Suspension term for Fiji Opposition MP nears end
22/02/2017 - I-Kiribati teen, three men rescued after drifting 100s of kms
22/02/2017 - Bishop tries to clarify ‘people swap’ confusion over US deal
22/02/2017 - Trump, Turnbull call not an issue: Bishop
22/02/2017 - McCully wants better superannuation deal for Cook Islands
22/02/2017 - 1900 Manus asylum seekers in massive class action against Australian Government
22/02/2017 - Israel PM praises Malcolm Turnbull for calling out UN
22/02/2017 - Pacific islander law enforcement bill heads to Senate
22/02/2017 - Authorities in Samoa step up battle against money laundering
21/02/2017 - Fiji Military monitors security landscape as elections draw closer
21/02/2017 - Solomon Islands Government warned on Asian invasion
21/02/2017 - PNG new Governor General Dadae to be sworn in
21/02/2017 - Tahiti finance minister Laurey resigns
21/02/2017 - Tongan PM says no confidence accusations are old
21/02/2017 - New Member of Parliament for Fiji National Federation Party
21/02/2017 - Australia won’t be sucked into ‘silly outcome’ over Nauru and Manus Island refugee deal with US
21/02/2017 - US$3million compensation for flood damage in French Polynesia
21/02/2017 - Dengue Virus strain returns to territory after more than 40 years
21/02/2017 - Date error could make no confidence motion unlawful as the House allow Tonga PM to respond
21/02/2017 - Fiji's former PM Rabuka struggling for niche: academic
21/02/2017 - Australian Government awaits Fiji’s request for COP 23 assistance
21/02/2017 - Queen Mother’s body returns home to Tonga next Tuesday
21/02/2017 - Czech Republic keen to broadern ties with Solomon Islands
20/02/2017 - Melbourne plane crash that killed five blamed on 'catastrophic engine failure'
20/02/2017 - Call for rethink of Niue's constitutional arrangement with NZ
20/02/2017 - Ganim, Sigo defect to ruling PNG People’s National Congress Party
20/02/2017 - Tonga PM no confidence motion tabled in parliament
20/02/2017 - Australia ready to assist Fiji's 2018 election
20/02/2017 - Pacific Conference on Disability begins
20/02/2017 - 18 New Caledonia residents back on provincial roll
20/02/2017 - Charges against Samoan Police Commissioner withdrawn
20/02/2017 - Fijian PM updates Australian Minister on Winston recovery
20/02/2017 - Australia Government continues projects with Fiji
20/02/2017 - Niue Premier to be knighted at home by Governor General
20/02/2017 - Mass TB screening launched in Marshall Islands
20/02/2017 - American Samoa has eight confirmed dengue fever cases
19/02/2017 - Tropical Cyclone Winston victims will never be forgotten: Fiji President
19/02/2017 - Nine new Political parties in PNG named
19/02/2017 - McCully to visit Cook Islands
19/02/2017 - US diplomat hopes US Government continues climate change support to Kiribati
19/02/2017 - Samoa Media Council approves Media Code of Ethics
19/02/2017 - Fiji PM remains popular choice, Opposition party race against time
19/02/2017 - NZ helps Fiji rebuilding efforts
19/02/2017 - Australia to assist Fiji through AUD$35 million package
19/02/2017 - Bougainville President Momis on referendum readiness
19/02/2017 - NZ police presence to stay in Solomons post-RAMSI
19/02/2017 - Tongan King's mother passes away in Auckland
19/02/2017 - Fiji marks TC Winston Anniversary
19/02/2017 - Commemorative service inappropriate: Fiji Opposition
19/02/2017 - Many still struggling to recover post TC Winston : Red Cross
19/02/2017 - Fiji PM plans ahead of COP23 meeting
19/02/2017 - PNG Governor General Sir Michael Ogio, 75, passes away
19/02/2017 - Dengue claims another life in New Caledonia
19/02/2017 - Vietnamese fishermen deported from New Caledonia
16/02/2017 - EU purse seiners start fishing in Cook Islands EEZ
16/02/2017 - Solomon Islands PM praises NZ development assistance Programme
16/02/2017 - Fiji Times publisher's bail variation application dismissed
16/02/2017 - NZ should offer to take Manus and Nauru refugees - Greens
16/02/2017 - Fiji stance on PACER PLUS unchanged
16/02/2017 - K10 million election security funds needed in PNG: Police Chief
16/02/2017 - Australia eases Kava restriction
16/02/2017 - Helen Clark in running for important aid job
16/02/2017 - Federated States of Micronesia trust fund: US$94.12 million
16/02/2017 - Sri Lankan prime minister says refugees in Pacific camps safe to come home
16/02/2017 - Fijian Elections Office begins preparations for the 2018 General Elections
16/02/2017 - Estimated 5.4m eligible voters in PNG
16/02/2017 - One Fiji Party suspended for 30 days
16/02/2017 - Marshalls’ women go to court for domestic abuse protection
16/02/2017 - Australia to man borders
16/02/2017 - Tongan government aims to manage diabetes rates
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