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Niue impoverished by global nations
By Online Editor
11:02 pm GMT+12, 30/07/2015, United States

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NGOs partner in Pacific Islands climate change plight
Several non-government organisations in New Zealand are gathering together to increase awarene
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Fiji not consulted by US on Human Trafficking report: Minister
Fiji's Employment Minister Jioji Konrote has revealed that government was not consulted by
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Samoa told leaders needed in climate change fight
A leading Anglican churchman has called for leaders to stand up on environmental issues on a v
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State funeral for former Vanuatu PM
A state funeral is being held today in Port Vila for Vanautu's former prime minister, Edwa
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PNG Spy agency inactive: PM O'Neill
The National Intelligence Organisation is completely rundown, according to  Papua New Gui
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Fiji To Back India’s United Nations Bid
Fiji will support India in its bid to become a Permanent Member of the United Nations Security
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“There is no fall back position on Climate Change ” : Tuvalu Prime Minister Sopoaga
The Prime Minister of Tuvalu Enele Sosene Sopoaga visited the Secretary General of the African
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Partnerships can help small islands overcome ‘unique vulnerabilities,’ Ban tells Security Council
The global challenges facing the small island developing States (SIDS) are the international c
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PNG government to scrap 'foreign advisers'
The Papua New Guinea Government has put a stop to the recruitment of foreign consultants and a
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Law expert hails Cooks-NZ association a success
An expert on the law of small island countries Tony Angelo says the Cook Islands' deal wit
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PNG proposes media share law
The Papua New Guinea Government is working on the cross media ownership law which will allow P
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Soldiers in student bashing arrested and charged
Thursday saw the handover of four soldiers to be formally arrested and charged in relation to
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Forum chief dismisses intervention in Nauru
The Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum Dame Meg Taylor says issues in Nauru are fo
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Asylum seekers needing medical care to be flown to PNG, not Australia
Asylum seekers held on Nauru who need medical care will no longer be flown to Australia but in
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29/07/2015 - Cooks PM keen to pursue talks with NZ on UN membership
29/07/2015 - Funds withheld by Singapore court
29/07/2015 - Kele’a publisher, editor fined for contempt of court
29/07/2015 - Ulu o Tokelau to attend Niue’s 41st Constitution Celebration
29/07/2015 - Meteorologists eye rare early season tropical cyclone in Pacific
29/07/2015 - Vanuatu marks independence day
29/07/2015 - Commonwealth Secretary-General mourns death of Vanuatu statesman
29/07/2015 - PNG's Sovereign Wealth Fund bill fails
29/07/2015 - PNG to recruit retired Fiji teachers to address shortage
29/07/2015 - Human trafficking a major problem for PNG
29/07/2015 - Manus woman raped by Australian expatriates: PNG MP
29/07/2015 - Julie Bishop urged to help reunite Nauruan opposition MP with Australian wife
29/07/2015 - Suspended Nauru MPs hopeful of Forum help
29/07/2015 - Three Tongans seminarians sent back home
29/07/2015 - Fiji's Prime Minister expresses sorrow at the death of Vanuatu's former PM Natapei
29/07/2015 - Pacific leaders urge to fight for justice
29/07/2015 - Fiji PM: We’re reversing neglect of past governments
29/07/2015 - Chief Justice to rule next week on venue of trial against Tongan minister
29/07/2015 - Samoa host Pacific Immigration Directors Conference
28/07/2015 - 15 dead in Enga
28/07/2015 - NZ PM to attend Cook Islands 50th celebrations
28/07/2015 - Fiji ranked Tier 2 in Global Trafficking report
27/07/2015 - Human trafficking high in Marshalls, PNG and Solomons
27/07/2015 - Five election petitions to be heard in Court
27/07/2015 - Vanuatu former PM Natapei remembered as a great leader
27/07/2015 - Fiji Government extends amnesty period
27/07/2015 - Remains of Marines who died during fighting at Tarawa in WWII repatriated to US
27/07/2015 - Australia, New Zealand rated by US Government on trafficking
27/07/2015 - Dengue fever outbreak in Samoa
27/07/2015 - Korea Ready To Help In Fiji Climate Fight
27/07/2015 - KOICA Pacific Office Moving To Fiji
27/07/2015 - Vanuatu Opposition leader and former PM Natapei dies
27/07/2015 - French Polynesia want to be PIF member
27/07/2015 - No invite for suspended Nauru MPs to meet Forum chief
27/07/2015 - Fiji Corrections and rehabilitation model interests regional countries
26/07/2015 - Nauru anti-graft group seeks meeting with Forum chief
26/07/2015 - Marshalls targets illegal aliens from neighbour Kiribati
26/07/2015 - UN releases ‘streamlined’ negotiating text for Paris climate deal
26/07/2015 - Solomon Islands Police best trained officers in the Pacific
26/07/2015 - Samoa influences regional weather declaration
26/07/2015 - Julie Bishop refuses to elaborate on departure of PNG high commissioner Deborah Stokes
26/07/2015 - Nauru supports Nuku’alofa Declaration on Sustainable Weather and Climate
23/07/2015 - History made with the very first Pacific Ministers Meeting on Meteorology in Tonga
23/07/2015 - First Ministerial Meeting on Meteorology Starts
23/07/2015 - New WMO and SPREP partnership to help enhance Pacific Meteorological Services
23/07/2015 - Support still needed for early warning systems
23/07/2015 - Met Media Training lauded by PMC
23/07/2015 - PMC set up working group on marine and ocean services
23/07/2015 - Third Pacific Meteorological Council ends on a high note
23/07/2015 - Women, children missing from Pacific agenda
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