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16/04/2015 - Samoa's Electoral reforms ready to roll
16/04/2015 - Kevin Rudd quietly campaigning for UN secretary-general, says inner circle
16/04/2015 - Detention centre interpreters need more training for 'hazardous' work – report
16/04/2015 - 24 sentenced over Tonga student violence
16/04/2015 - Mauga Tasi Asuega to head Samoan Affairs
16/04/2015 - New malaria type found in Madang
16/04/2015 - UN climate chief urges businesses to look for opportunities in countries’ contributions to a global climate deal
16/04/2015 - Donors influence development decisions: Forum SG
16/04/2015 - Five West Papua suspected of conducting separatist activities arrested
16/04/2015 - Accept, implement Multinational Observer Group recommendations: Draunidalo
16/04/2015 - Women's advocate:Tonga's CEDAW ratification a disaster
16/04/2015 - More Tahiti candidates for French Senate seats
16/04/2015 - Nauru health minister treated for eye disorders in Taiwan
16/04/2015 - Former PNG MP Tiensten gets three more years in prison
16/04/2015 - Australian troops return from Vanuatu humanitarian mission
15/04/2015 - Activist group leads rally, says Nauru, Manus Island detention centres must be closed
15/04/2015 - Two Samoa’s push cooperation on trade and business
15/04/2015 - Child helpline to address social ills in Fiji
15/04/2015 - New Awards to MPs in Solomon Islands
15/04/2015 - Another $5 million for Vanuatu: Bishop
15/04/2015 - Freeing the captives, Child exploitation
15/04/2015 - USP Pro – Chancellor and Chairman resigns
15/04/2015 - FSM Congress appropriates $1.5M for typhoon relief
15/04/2015 - Flosse faces OPT retrial in Tahiti
15/04/2015 - I will not attend Forum Meeting: FIJI PM Bainimarama
15/04/2015 - Guam lifts same-sex marriage ban
15/04/2015 - Healthy islands concept addressed at pacific regional meet
15/04/2015 - Pacific region's triple burden undermine advances
15/04/2015 - Fijian Election Office welcomes observers report
15/04/2015 - Australia prepares to send first refugees from Nauru to Cambodia within days
15/04/2015 - US: Growing China, Russia Military Activity in Asia-Pacific
15/04/2015 - US and Japan sign bilateral defence agreement US and Japan sign bilateral defence agreement
14/04/2015 - Fijian PM Bainimarama accuses NZ PM Key of "dangling funds" over Forum
14/04/2015 - MSG summit in May to discuss West Papua bid
14/04/2015 - PNG Army chief wants report on border
14/04/2015 - Tokelau contributes to world food security with celebrating of WHD, “Food safety from Farm to Plate”
14/04/2015 - Niue tries to boost taro exports
14/04/2015 - Pacific Health Ministers revisit ‘healthy islands’ outlook
14/04/2015 - ‘Fresh start’ Demos to choose new leader
14/04/2015 - Tahiti candidates register for French Senate race
14/04/2015 - Parts of Vanuatu relying on rainwater
14/04/2015 - USAID and IOM are assessing Typhoon Maysak damage
14/04/2015 - Obama to remove Cuba from state sponsor of terror list
14/04/2015 - Subcommittee on new Framework for Pacific Regionalism to determine Forum Leaders agenda
14/04/2015 - Border crime, 17 PNG national in Indonesian jail for drug peddling
14/04/2015 - Clean drinking water main concern in Tuvalu
14/04/2015 - Experts reject Japan's new whaling plan
14/04/2015 - Japan's whaling fleet heads for Pacific despite anti-whaling laws, falling demand
14/04/2015 - Wesley: There's no political agenda
14/04/2015 - Foreigners told to fly PNG flag on vessels
14/04/2015 - Fiji works on draft foreign policy statement
14/04/2015 - PM Sopoaga wants to fight poverty and vulnerabilities to climate change and disaster
14/04/2015 - Vanuatu Red Cross thanks people of Fiji and Government for their support in the recent devastation
14/04/2015 - Solomon Islands Police minister faces assault charge
13/04/2015 - Four MPs absent from election of Tuvalu PM
13/04/2015 - FSM president requests $4M for Maysak relief
13/04/2015 - FSM rebuilding after Typhoon Maysak
13/04/2015 - Fijian PM slams Opposition leader, unfit to lead
13/04/2015 - Former FijiFirst MP voted against party in Parliament
13/04/2015 - PNG politician Namah referred to Public Prosecutor
13/04/2015 - Mosquito-borne illness cases rise in Marshall Islands
13/04/2015 - ACP needs to revamp fisheries policy in Work Programme, Ambassador Joy
13/04/2015 - Forum funding formula needs to change to reflect Pacific ownership
13/04/2015 - Decision to attend Forum meet is Bainimarama’s: Key
13/04/2015 - Fijian PM congratutales Tuvalu PM on election win
13/04/2015 - Pato: Australians’ visa restrictions to be lifted
13/04/2015 - New Zealand seeks regional approach to improving Pacific health
12/04/2015 - MOG gives its stamp of approval to Fiji elections
12/04/2015 - MOG gives its stamp of approval to Fiji elections
12/04/2015 - Vanuatu takes over ACP presidency, champions SIDS interests
12/04/2015 - No Forum without Australia and NZ: PM Key
12/04/2015 - New Tonga Police Commissioner Caldwell starts
12/04/2015 - Hired guns turn on family in Enga
12/04/2015 - Momis wants to re-open Panguna mine
12/04/2015 - Celebration for Cardinal Mafi
12/04/2015 - More than 300 people in the northern islands displaced by TC Pam
12/04/2015 - France urges Australia to keep climate commitment ahead of UN summit
12/04/2015 - New Samoa Police Commissioner takes oath to serve diligently & without favour
12/04/2015 - Hunter raised funds used to build shelters in Vanuatu
12/04/2015 - PIF hopeful for Fiji to rejoin the Pacific Islands Forum
12/04/2015 - UN Appeals for $20 Million for Vanuatu Cyclone Victims
12/04/2015 - Pacific leaders meet to ensure regional voice heard at UN
12/04/2015 - Red Cross plans next steps after multiple disasters in the Pacific
12/04/2015 - Sharma resigns from FijiFirst, vacates seat
12/04/2015 - PNG lacks quality education
12/04/2015 - Hillary Clinton jumps back into 2016 presidential race, wants to be country's 'champion'
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