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President of Kiribati tells world leaders to leave the politics at home for Paris climate conference
By Online Editor
8:28 pm GMT+12, 26/11/2015, France
The president of Kiribati, whose sprawling Pacific Ocean island nation is being consumed by rising sea levels, has urged world leaders to leave their domestic politics at home and commit resources to help the most vulnerable countries tackle the challenges of climate change when they meet in Paris…
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Commonwealth meeting is 'training camp' for Paris climate talks, says Dion
Leaders of 53 Commonwealth countries are grappling with their own negotiations on addressing c
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Prince of Wales proposes new initiative to help environmental projects
The Prince of Wales has proposed a new initiative to guarantee financing for small-scale envir
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Wallis to join Pacific Leaders Group
French Polynesia's president says Wallis and Futuna will be integrated into the Polynesian
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Warnings in Samoa as cyclone develops
Forecasters in Samoa are warning a tropical cyclone is likely to develop within the next 24 to
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Younger candidates take vote lead in Marshall Islands election
Voters want change and new directions for the Marshall Islands, two winning candidates told th
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Kauona: Review Bougainville peace deal
The Bougainville Peace Agreement has to be reviewed as soon as possible to address outstanding
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Willingness to speak out behind high Pacific gender abuse figures
The Director General of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) says a growing awarenes
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Pacific begins amplifying its voices in Paris
By Makereta Komai, PACNEWS Editor in Paris Five days bef
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French leader promises island nations that Paris talks will pursue ambitious climate deal
France's president is seeking to reassure island populations that their concerns about ris
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Pacific Tuna to be included in the menu of the world's largest food chain - McDonalds
By Cheerieann Wilson in Bali   Tuna caught in P
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Vanuatu president quashes latest pardon talk
Vanuatu's chiefs on Thursday met with the president, Father Baldwin Lonsdale, asking him t
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Tahiti pearls, mainstay of French Polynesian economy, endangered
The black pearl of Tahiti is at the heart of French Polynesia’s economy but is now highl
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25/11/2015 - Obama to meet with leaders of China, India, island nations while at Paris climate summit
25/11/2015 - Small States Centre of Excellence “a life line”
25/11/2015 - EPA needs to be settled says Fiji PM
25/11/2015 - Pacific will be heard at COP21 - Fritch
25/11/2015 - Fiji MP unconcerned about assassination plot as police remain silent
25/11/2015 - Emails reveal assassination plot to kill all members of Fijian government
25/11/2015 - We need a step-up in political commitment on climate change
25/11/2015 - PM Bainimarama to lead campaign on climate change talks
25/11/2015 - Private sector plays key role in climate resilient economies, says Engell-Hansen
25/11/2015 - $142.6m Pacific Environment Community Fund
25/11/2015 - UN body gives Fiji thumbs up
25/11/2015 - On eve of Paris climate summit, UN weather agency delivers ‘bad news’ for planet, cites record heat
25/11/2015 - Nagriamel’s Havo Moli and Samson Samsen appointed Vanuatu caretaker ministers
25/11/2015 - Domestic concerns come first for Tonga PM
25/11/2015 - France to host largest gathering of world leaders outside UN weeks after terror attacks
24/11/2015 - Former Vanuatu MPs to challenge dissolution of parliament
24/11/2015 - Ambitious climate goals, weak foundations
24/11/2015 - Solomon Islands still to decide on special envoy to West papua
24/11/2015 - K600m needed for 2017 elections in PNG
24/11/2015 - Time for Industrialised nations to save our planet says Fijian PM ahead of COP21
24/11/2015 - Australia Climate Council chief optimistic of global deal at Paris talks
24/11/2015 - Accessing climate change funding
24/11/2015 - PNG Defence sinks illegal Indonesian fishing vessel
24/11/2015 - Survey: Corruption big problem in Guam
24/11/2015 - President Lonsdale dissolves Vanuatu parliament, snap election called to cost VT280 million
24/11/2015 - Children will bear the brunt of climate change – UNICEF report
24/11/2015 - Fiji - EU relations dominate talks in Brussels
24/11/2015 - EU and Tonga sign the short-stay visa waiver Agreement
24/11/2015 - Pacific Marine Industrial Zone gets 'go ahead, Project to bring $US2 billion and create 30,000 jobs
24/11/2015 - Catapult partners with Polynesian Leaders Group on anti IUU operations
23/11/2015 - Vanuatu, Tonga Prime Ministers to miss Paris Climate talks
23/11/2015 - Taiwan seeks PNG’s support
23/11/2015 - PNG Weather Official: Warmer days coming
23/11/2015 - WWF sees demand for more oversight of Pacific fisheries
23/11/2015 - Peter Varghese, secretary of Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, to step down
23/11/2015 - Turnbull Government accused of ignoring PNG human rights abuses to preserve Manus Island detention centre deal
23/11/2015 - Nauru justice minister 'causing as much grief as possible'
23/11/2015 - Pacific islands want a bigger share of fishing income
23/11/2015 - PM O’Neill to attend climate change talks in Paris
23/11/2015 - Hundreds march against purse seining
23/11/2015 - 'No need to panic': Fiji's National Disaster and Management Minister
23/11/2015 - PNG'S Maternal Mortality Rate reflect the need for attention to midwifery
23/11/2015 - FICAC confirms bribery tops corruption list
23/11/2015 - Fiji Police investigating plot to destabilise government
23/11/2015 - Vanuatu President urged not to dissolve Parliament, Speaker summoned Parliament to sit on 14 December
23/11/2015 - Fiji ranked 16th as high risk of natural disasters
23/11/2015 - PNG facing major climate change threat
23/11/2015 - Passports seized of tourists defying Vanuatu work ban
23/11/2015 - Bougainville Presdent Momis challenge police to earn people’s respect
22/11/2015 - UN Chief Ban Ki-moon personally asks PM Turnbull to review boat turnback policy
22/11/2015 - PM O’Neill welcomes discussion on Expanding APEC membership
22/11/2015 - Marines hit Tahiti, Fiji and more on Pacific deployment
22/11/2015 - RSE employers praise seasonal worker scheme
22/11/2015 - Domestic Violence and assault - an estimated economic cost of more than $700 million
22/11/2015 - AFP whistle blower’s explosive claims of mass murder, rape and corruption in PNG
22/11/2015 - PM Puna off to Paris for climate change meeting
22/11/2015 - Drought conditions forecast in Cook Islands
22/11/2015 - Tonga Chief Justice dismisses Lavulavu’s election petition delays
22/11/2015 - COP21 must be ‘turning point to a low-emission, climate-resilient future’– UN official
22/11/2015 - Vanuatu leaders try to solve impasse as parliament is called, Court of Appeal dismisses appeals for convicted MPs
22/11/2015 - Vanuatu PM Kilman wants Legal Reform bills passed before elections
22/11/2015 - Indonesia and PIDF to develop partnership on Climate Change
22/11/2015 - Coping with Climate Change in the Pacific Islands Region programme
22/11/2015 - SBS Radio Samoan programme reflects a vibrant and growing community
22/11/2015 - Memorial church service for Paris victims
19/11/2015 - Tuvalu submits climate action plan ahead of COP21 in December
19/11/2015 - Fiji's defence Minister defends Military budget allocation
19/11/2015 - Pacific region’s serious health issues in the spotlight
19/11/2015 - Juffa: PNG national security vulnerable to terrorism
19/11/2015 - Indonesia releases prominent Papuan independence leader
19/11/2015 - UN owes Fiji $26.9m
19/11/2015 - U.S. Air Force to expand bomber presence in the Pacific
19/11/2015 - Universal children’s Day: Pacific children are on the front line of climate change
19/11/2015 - Solomon Islands High speed cable operational by October 2016
19/11/2015 - Indigenous peoples’ voices must be heard at Paris climate change conference, UN agency says
19/11/2015 - Kiribati president pushes Australia to back moratorium on new coalmines
19/11/2015 - Convicted Vanuatu MPs back in court
19/11/2015 - Vietnamese asylum seekers’ arrival suspicious: PNG Police
19/11/2015 - Bougainville President Momis warns PNG of secession
19/11/2015 - Six Papua New Guineans missing aboard foreign logging ships
19/11/2015 - Good border security needed: Solomon Islands
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