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Regional trust fund on meteorology proposed
By Online Editor
01:26 am GMT+12, 18/08/2017, Solomon Islands
“In the Pacific region, a lot of natural disasters that we had experienced are also related to water and climate. Because of our isolation, limited capacity and the vast ocean we are situated in, we are indeed very vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and climate variability including…
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PNG Women’s seats on card
Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill wants to bring back for debate the proposa
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Misunderstanding postpones Tuvalu Parliament session
The Tuvalu Cabinet has agreed to postpone the second session of the Parliament for this year b
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First major contract awarded for Guam Marines base
The United States military has awarded the first major contract for the construction of a Mari
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Pacific Ministers remember Marshallese Climate advocate
By Pita Ligaiula in Honiara, Solomon Islands  
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Pacific CSOs issue call for peace and solidarity with Guam
The disregard by North Korea and the United States for the lives and political autonomy of Gua
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French Polynesia takes further step towards Forum membership
An extraordinary sitting of French Polynesia's assembly has been called today to advance t
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Voters head to the polls in Cook Islands by-election
Voters on Mangaia in the Cook Islands are going to the polls today in a local by-election.
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Axed Solomon Islands minister speaks out
North Malaita MP Jimmy Lusibaea says he believes his strong objection to a government move to
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US airbase on Guam ready for Trump order to fight North Korea
Staff at one of the three US military bases on Guam have told Sky News they are "ready to
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Robust science critical in climate change projects in the region: GCF
By Pita Ligaiula in Honiara, Solomon Islands  
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More Pacific consciousness needed: Australian Ambassador for Environment
Australian Ambassador for Environment, Patrick Suckling has called for more Pacific consciousn
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Kiribati needs COSPPac services – Met Director
By Bentaake Kiima, Radio Kiribati   Kiribati is
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Two children in Fiji die from dengue
Two children and four adults in Fiji have died from dengue fever within the first eight months
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Call-out for security in Enga, SHP
Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has announced the expansion of the securit
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16/08/2017 - Trump praises North Korean leader's decision not to fire missiles towards Guam
16/08/2017 - Solomon Islands Anti-Corruption Task Force arrests government permanent secretary
16/08/2017 - Isaia Vaipuna Taape sworn in, Tuvalu Parliament session postponed
16/08/2017 - Samoa to host next PMC in 2019
16/08/2017 - Flood leaves 500 people homeless in PNG
16/08/2017 - Call to coordinate regional ocean and climate research
16/08/2017 - Need for more training on tsunami early warning systems for PMC members
16/08/2017 - 'It's time to act': Liberal MP calls for Australia to take refugees from Manus and Nauru
16/08/2017 - Fijian PM signals strengthening of Fiji-Kazakhstan ties
16/08/2017 - Fiji community mourns motorbike crash victim in Rarotonga
16/08/2017 - PNG MPs urged to declare overseas assets
16/08/2017 - WMO to strengthen presence in Asia Pacific region
16/08/2017 - Baki: I will do my job
16/08/2017 - Lusibaea wants PM probed
16/08/2017 - Dengue outbreak warning in Samoa
15/08/2017 - Disaster and emergency alert siren stolen
15/08/2017 - Korea fight is latest conflict for indigenous people of Guam
15/08/2017 - Fiji to host IPCC 1st lead authors meeting in October
15/08/2017 - Guam hopes for real pause in North Korea threats
15/08/2017 - Australia to send in forces, if needed, but Solomons PM hopes agreement will never be used
15/08/2017 - Forging Pacific Islands Forum foreign policy difficult - academic
15/08/2017 - Solomon Islands Cabinet reshuffle hits snag, Party says Rini’s move not negotiable: report
15/08/2017 - Virtual climate information hub for the Pacific in pipeline
15/08/2017 - PNG presents optimistic weather report
15/08/2017 - Solomon Islands recovers stolen World War II plaque from Bloody Ridge
15/08/2017 - Barnaby Joyce is still fit to run the country: Malcolm Turnbull
15/08/2017 - North Korea threat must be taken seriously - CNMI Speaker
15/08/2017 - No change in Guam threat level over North Korea
15/08/2017 - Australia strongly supports Kiribati actions on climate change
15/08/2017 - Challenge on legality of warrant of arrest of PNG PM adjourned to 21 August
15/08/2017 - FSM Chief Justice Benjamin Rodriquez resigns
15/08/2017 - North Korea sets targets on Guam, but waits for US
14/08/2017 - Australia and Solomon Islands sign new security treaty
14/08/2017 - PNG Attorney General warns MPs
14/08/2017 - Sunday polling issue back to court, PNG PM’s warrant of arrest case further adjourned
14/08/2017 - Tokelau in dire need of Met Service assistance after NZ withdrawal
14/08/2017 - Niue Met Service goal to operate a 24 hour service
14/08/2017 - Pacific Meteorological Council members urge to join WMO
14/08/2017 - Media brought to attention at Met meeting
14/08/2017 - World War II plague removed in Solomon Islands
14/08/2017 - Regional effort needed in Beetle fight
14/08/2017 - Australia reveals priority areas of engagement with the Pacific – Julie Bishop
14/08/2017 - Australian PM hails Solomon Islands rescue mission
14/08/2017 - Solomon Islands Meteorology Minister calls for better collaboration to build resilient societies
14/08/2017 - Taiwan rooftop apartment fire kills two Pacific Island students
14/08/2017 - Enga death toll up to 20 after latest election-related violence
14/08/2017 - 18 years jail term for six Indonesian fishermen
14/08/2017 - American Samoa Governor tells congresswoman her plan will devastate territory
14/08/2017 - Auckland children’s author dies while honeymooning in Vanuatu
14/08/2017 - Induction of parliamentarians in the lead up to official opening of Parliament
14/08/2017 - Guam Catholics pray for peace in light of North Korea threats
14/08/2017 - Guam issues nuclear emergency guidelines
14/08/2017 - US officials says confrontation with North Korea not imminent
14/08/2017 - No law on PNG MPs jumping ship
14/08/2017 - Suspended Tokelau public servants break silence
14/08/2017 - Fiji and Indonesia sign Plan of Action on Disaster Management
13/08/2017 - We will not step down says PNG PM, Police Commissioner
13/08/2017 - Australia provides 19 new patrol boats to Pacific island region to help combat transnational crimes
13/08/2017 - Samoa is ready to host Forum
13/08/2017 - Fijian Defence Minster proposes Biketawa Plus after Regional, Global security trends
13/08/2017 - Solomon Islands PM leaves for Australia despite uncertainty
13/08/2017 - Australian navy personnel embroiled in $43 million prostitute bribery scandal
13/08/2017 - Dengue fever claims six lives in Fiji
13/08/2017 - Solomon Islands calls for extra efforts ahead of Post Cotonou negotiations
13/08/2017 - Solomon Islands Government halts Cuba study
13/08/2017 - Solomon Islands students’ actions in Fiji shocking
13/08/2017 - $15 million AM Radio facility better, covers Fiji's Maritime Islands
11/08/2017 - Invest in capacity building critical in Met Services
11/08/2017 - Local official: Missile from North Korea can reach Guam in 14 minutes
11/08/2017 - Trump to be invited to APEC 2018
11/08/2017 - Nuclear threat group set up in CNMI
11/08/2017 - NZ regrets lack of notice to Vanuatu for vessel's trip
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