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Vote suspended in PNG capital as three returning officers are detained
By Online Editor
11:52 pm GMT+12, 26/06/2017, Papua New Guinea

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Solomons PM says RAMSI partnership a regional success
The prime minister of Solomon Islands says the country's partnership with the Regional Ass
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Fijian patrol boat training in Tasmania
A Fijian military delegation visited Tasmania last week to see first-hand the training the Aus
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WHO estimates 2 million deaths for physical inactivity
More than 2 million deaths annually is the global figure that the World Health Organisation (W
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Samoa Police probe Cabinet Minister for forgery
The file of a criminal investigation involving a  Samoan Cabinet Minister accused of forg
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Vanuatu Opposition calls on Government to establish proper protocol on head of state
Vanuatu leader of Opposition, MP Ishmael Kalsakau said he is appalled at the events surroundin
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Leader of religious sect in Fiji jailed for 20 years
A leader of a religious sect in Fiji Jone Cokanauto has been given a 20-year jail term with a
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PNA looks to improve relations with other Pacific agencies
The Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) are planning a change of tack - they are going to be
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Kiribati Reserve Fund reaches $915.51 million
The Kiribati Government has confirmed the value of the Kiribati Reserve Fund (RERF) at the end
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Voting on hold in PNG's three highlands provinces
One-day polling for three Highlands provinces did not start on schedule Monday due to several
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RAMSI exhibition launch a culmination of long-term partnership: PM Sogavare
Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has described Monday’s launch of the Re
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Crack down on torture, not protests in Fiji: Amnesty International
Fiji’s authorities must immediately and unconditionally release a youth activist for pro
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Satellite surveillance to reel in illegal fishing
Researchers in Australia and the US, backed by Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen, are using s
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Solomon Islands looks forward to welcome President Tsai: PM Sogavare tells ROC foreign minister
The Solomon Islands Government welcomes the announcement by the Government of the Republic of
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Region meets in Fiji to strengthen star network
The Fijian Government recognises the importance and impacts that geo-science plays in engineer
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Solomon Islands government declare public holiday Thursday to farewell RAMSI
Solomon Islands deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs, Manasseh Maelanga had offi
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Three ni- Vanuatu seasonal workers died in Australia named
Three ni-Vanuatu seasonal workers in Australia have died and two others were admitted at Innis
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Leader of religious sect in Fiji guilty of mutilple sex offences
Jone Cokanauto has been found guilty of rape, attempted rape and indecent assault charges in t
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Solomon Islands Parliament to be convened to thank RAMSI
 A special session of Parliament will be convened on Tuesday, to allow the tabling and de
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Being healthy one of the criteria for contesting Vanuatu Presidential election
One of the important criteria for contesting the election for the President of the Republic of
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Don't fear armoured infantry mobility vehicle: Fiji Mlitary
The people of Fiji should not fear if they see the Bushmaster — an armoured infantry mob
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PNG women election bids to take on ‘big man’ politics
A record number of women are standing in Papua New Guinea’s national election, but still
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Training for Fiji's Armed Forces facilitated by US Air Force
Fiji's Military Forces, will next month undergo humanitarian assistance training facilitat
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Samoa Government zeros in on alcohol abuse
Samoa's Attorney Generals’ Office is on the verge of finalising the Alcohol Control
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RAMSI remembers those who made the ultimate sacrifice for peace
The families of the six men and women who lost their lives while serving the Regional Assistan
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Shaky start to PNG polling
Papua New Guinea election started peacefully on Saturday while some parts of the country were
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Corruption and economy are Peter O'Neill's biggest worries as polls open
Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister Peter O'Neill is hoping voters will overlook economi
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Solomon Islands rescue mission wraps up
There will be fireworks, parades and tribal dancing this week as Solomon Islanders farewell th
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El Arish crash victims building a better life for families in Vanuatu
Three seasonal fruit pickers who died in a head-on highway collision were working in the Far N
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22/06/2017 - Vanuatu deputy PM Natuman, Maralau trial in December
22/06/2017 - Security responsibility of Fiji Military, Colonel Kalouniwai reiterates
22/06/2017 - Solomons' Chinese community concerned about RAMSI exit
22/06/2017 - PM Sogavare calls on Solomon Islanders to take ownership of country as RAMSI leaves
22/06/2017 - Timing of calling election for Vanuatu President required under law: Chairman
22/06/2017 - Judgment on dismissal of Tongan broadcaster expected next week
22/06/2017 - Vanuatu elected a Vice-President of the 72nd UN General Assembly
22/06/2017 - “Dissolve parliament’: West Makira MP calls for fresh elections
22/06/2017 - Leaders call for peaceful polling in PNG
22/06/2017 - Poll favourites
22/06/2017 - Five parties advocate for changes to electoral rules in Fiji
22/06/2017 - Asylum seekers on Nauru accused of prostitution and growing marijuana
22/06/2017 - PNA urged to capitalise on ocean conservation focus to strengthen fishery programme
21/06/2017 - New report reveals child undernutrition cost the PNG economy up to $1.5 billion in a single year
21/06/2017 - Chinese fishing vessels fined close to NZD$1m for tuna offences near NZ waters
21/06/2017 - UK to support Fiji’s COP23 leadership
21/06/2017 - Vanuatu Presidential Election on 03 July
21/06/2017 - Thousands farewell Fr Baldwin Lonsdale
21/06/2017 - Fijian PM calls on people to prepare for elections
21/06/2017 - Worst global coral bleaching event eases, as experts await next one
21/06/2017 - PNG Governor General calls for a free fair election
21/06/2017 - Commonwealth observers pledge independent and impartial assesment of PNG election
21/06/2017 - Solomon Islands PM discusses enhanced relationship with Taiwanese foreign minister
21/06/2017 - U.S vetting of Pacific island refugees nearly done
21/06/2017 - How climate change will threaten food security of world's poorest countries
21/06/2017 - Fijian President attends state funeral in Vanuatu
20/06/2017 - Labour market challenges for Pacific nations focus of regional seminar
20/06/2017 - Organised crimes threat: Samoa PM
20/06/2017 - NZ to help Pacific combat money laundering
20/06/2017 - Fiji report on racism tabled at Humanrights Council
20/06/2017 - Palau and Vanuatu added to Paris black list
20/06/2017 - MSG Observer Mission Chair calls on PNG citizens to vote!
20/06/2017 - Fiji's Electoral Management Service fear
20/06/2017 - 'Blue Pacific' offers powerful narrative
20/06/2017 - Fijian President is newest champion for the 4FJ campaign
20/06/2017 - Citizenship changes: New migrants dragged into political fight
20/06/2017 - PACER Plus national interest analysis released as agreement tabled in NZ Parliament
20/06/2017 - National Peace Dialogue reaches consensus on sustaining peace
20/06/2017 - Solomon Islands undertakes regional consultations on dual citizenship
20/06/2017 - Fijians left in the lurch, UK armed forces freezes recruitment
20/06/2017 - Fiji to introduce programme to keep healthy population
20/06/2017 - Some Manus detainees say compensation is low
20/06/2017 - Samoa Observer files statement of defense in $700,000 lawsuit
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