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8th Micronesian Games now in the history books
1:55 pm GMT+12, 04/08/2014, Micronesia, Federated States of

The 8th Micronesia Games is now in the history books. All of the achievements have been recorded.
Participants have begun to make their weary way home. Perhaps some of them already have their eye on the 9th Micronesia Games that will be held in Yap in 2018.
No jurisdiction is going home from the games empty handed. Every individual and team put forth valiant ffort, fought nobly, and with honor. They are all to be congratulated for having given everything they had to give.

Game rankings were based on the number of gold medals earned. The tie breaker between Pohnpei and Palau, which each earned 36 gold medals, was total number of all medals earned. Pohnpei brought back a total of 114 medals earning them second place ahead of Palau which had a total of 105.
Guam was not represented in every sport.
They sent no Athletics competitors, no soccer team, no Micronesia All-Around competitors, no wrestlers, and no weight lifters. Still Guam was the gold medal winner with 42 gold medals of the 81 total medals they won during the games. Guam’s athletes fared extremely well in swimming competitions. Their Baseball team took
gold. They swept Men’s and Women’s Basketball, as well as Men’s and Women’s Indoor Volleyball with gold medals in each competition.
Pohnpei, the jurisdiction with the largest number of registered athletes took second in the gold medal race. They had competitors in every sport in the games and medaled in all of them. Pohnpei swimmers performed
admirably, and Athletics competitors took medal after medal. The men’s canoe team took gold in the 500 meter event. The women’s team took bronze. In the 1500 meter event both the men’s and the women’s team took silver. Both Pohnpei Women and Men took the gold in their long distance events.
Pohnpei’s soccer team has the distinction of having won the first ever gold medal in football. This was the first year that the event was included in the Micro Games.
The Pohnpei team went undefeated in its games and bested Palau in a rough and tumble gold medal match with a score of 3 to 1.
The Men’s Softball team scored a gold and the women’s team scored a bronze medal. With 58.1 pounds of fish speared, the Pohnpei spear fishing team took the bronze medal in the event.
Swimmer Debra Daniel of Pohnpei earned Pohnpei’s only gold medal in swimming for her time of 1:13.77 min for the 100 meter backstroke. The swimmer’s earned a total of 13 medals for swimming events.
The men’s volleyball team earned a silver medal. Pohnpei athletes won two medals for tennis. In Table Tennis it won seven medals but no golds. Six of its weightlifters earned silver medals in their events. Pohnpei wrestlers in all categories earned a ton of golds, a couple of hundred pounds of silver, and some bronze medals. Pohnpei men took gold and silver in the Micronesia All-Around and its women won the top two spots in the event.
The big people of the tiny islands of Yap brought in a total of 55 medals. 17 of them were gold medals. They came in fifth behind the Marshall Islands in the gold medal race. All of Yap’s medals in Athletics were for field events. Lucinda Kamloy scored gold with her 10.61 meter  shot put throw. Kius You scored the top title for his long jump of 5.86 meters.
The Yap Men’s Canoe team won bronze in the long distance event. The Women’s Volleyball team was just
short of the gold.
Most of Yap’s gold came from weightlifting. Their results in that sport were nothing short of impressive and
filled more than a screen and a half of small print. They also performed well in wrestling but only brought home one gold medal in Greco Roman wrestling.
For its four gold medals out of a total of 18 medals won, Kosrae came in seventh in the gold medal race behind CNMI which won 14 gold medals. Carson Mongkeya won gold in the 800 meter race with his time of 2:11.65
seconds. Four other Kosrae athletes also scored medals in Athletics.
Kosrae’s women took bronze in the 1500 meter canoe race. Its Table Tennis team took bronze. They scored three medals in Tennis and a bronze in weightlifting.
Kosrae’s wrestlers scored three gold, one silver and three bronze medals.With a total of 16 medals, Chuuk came in just behind Nauru who won 17.Both jurisdictions earned three gold medals.
According to reliable sources, the first game that the Chuuk soccer team played was the first the team had ever played on full size soccer field with full teams on each side. Still, they scored a bronze medal after defeating Yap in the championships.
Chuuk’s athletes scored the largest number of their medals in Athletics though only one of them was gold. It earned a total of five medals in wrestling. Two of those were gold.
As an aggregate, the FSM States earned 60 gold medals, 71 silver medals, 72 bronze medals, for a total 203 medals.


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